Resourceful, Pragmatic, Resilient

Resourceful, Pragmatic, Resilient

Why I'm Running…

Our Time Is Now!

I am running to serve the people of District 42 and will always put their needs first. We must finally end the long tradition of people who use power to serve themselves even at the expense of the community. My focus will be to create Living Wage Jobs, True Affordable Housing, and Making Our Communities Safe because I answer to you – NOT the real estate developers, lobbyists, or Columbia powerbrokers.

Why this election is Important

I believe people want honest representation that will  put the interest of our neighborhoods and residents before the interest of big business. 

It’s time District 42 had a leader in the Senate that fights for Safe Communities, Affordable Housing, and Workforce Development by putting our people first, without compromise.


Your voice matters! Make it heard! Vote for Kim Greene!

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District 42 Spans from From Otranto Road to Union Heights to Downtown Charleston.


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Right leader at right time for the right reason

From public safety concerns to finding an affordable place to raise a family, District 42 has its challenges. Kim Greene is the right leader in a time of divisive politics to take on these challenges with strong leadership, integrity, and effective public policy.


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